Spring Wedding DJs in Vancouver, And Your Entertainment

by / Wednesday, 17 February 2016 / Published in Entertainment

wedding-djs-vancouverHiring wedding djs is probably one of the most overlooked tasks when it comes to planning a memorable night full of love, union and celebration. Think about all the ceremonies you’ve ever been to, all the way from the greatest to the, well, not so great. What is it you remember so vividly? Maybe it was the food, or seeing that aunt who always pinches your cheeks, but we’re willing to bet that with both the best and the worst weddings you’ve attended, the wedding djs had a big hand in making it so memorable. See, the wedding djs in Vancouver are the one vendor who can truly make or break the night. When they’re phenomenal, the dance floor is never empty, and everyone will remember an awesome party.  So how do you know before hiring them that they’re going to be a hit? By knowing what to to ask before you book any wedding djs in Vancouver. These are a few things your wedding djs in Vancouver should have and be able to do for your magical night:

wedding-djs-in-vancouver-auxWedding DJs in Vancouver Bring Bumping Audio Equipment

Your wedding djs in Vancouver should have plenty of aux wires and cables on hand, organized, and ready to plug in for a sound check prior to the celebration. As the fun professionals at the party, they should also be bringing along their own top notch audio equipment like speakers and mics that radiate only the most crystal clear sound. The best spring wedding djs consider themselves professionals, and know that they must come ready to bring the fun with all the necessary audio equipment, as well as lights, turntables and projectors for presentations.

Your Can Feel Your DJ’s Charisma

From the get-go, you should look for wedding djs in Vancouver that you connect with on a personal level – if you like them, and feel they’re lively and fun, chances are they’ll be a great host and entertainer for your party. Your wedding dj should be excited to make all the special announcements with flair! Pick a wedding dj in Vancouver that’s ready to speak closely into the microphone and entertain their audience deep into the night.

They Should Understand What Music Is Acceptablewedding-djs-vancouver-equipment

Like we said before, the best wedding djs in Vancouver are professional party starters; but that doesn’t mean it’s time to break free and let the f bombs fly! It can be a daunting task trying to find music that makes everyone happy, but the best wedding djs in Vancouver are determined and ready to customize the perfect playlist that keeps the night alive for your entire audience. This means having a current music selection mixed with a few classics, minus anything you deem too profane. The best wedding djs in Vancouver would be happy to set some boundaries beforehand to establish a list of songs not to play, as well as a strategy for any requests they’ll get throughout the night. If you feel connected with your DJ, you can trust that they know which tunes are okay and which aren’t.