Vancouver DJs: The Biggest Mistakes Of Wedding Music

by / Wednesday, 30 March 2016 / Published in Entertainment

dancing-vancouver-djsOkay, before we upset anyone, we have to say that yes, your Vancouver DJ is responsible for bringing the entertainment to your special night, and making sure your guests have a great time. That being said, there are a few things that you can do as a bride and/or groom to make absolutely certain that the tunes that carry the night matches its most perfect harmony with your guests! We’ve got an inside perspective from our Vancouver DJs about the definite don’ts when it comes to picking your wedding music.

 Not Remembering A “Don’t Play” Listvancouver-djs-mistakes-to-avoid

This can be the single most important part to getting the most out of your Vancouver DJs. Write down all of the music (or specific songs) that you’d prefer not to hear. We understand you’ve got a lot on your plate to plan, and that this is one more thing, but you’re goign to be so happy in the end when you don’t get any looks of disapproval from your grandparents! Give your Vancouver DJs notes of what you want to hear, and don’t forget to leave a don’t play list.

Having Vancouver DJs play Music Your Guests Hate 

It’s no easy task picking a night full of tunes that your guests will get up and dance to – but there are definitely some ways to better find out the songs you and your guests want to hear. So let’s dive into tackling the task of finding music that reflects you as a couple, individually, and your crowd. Hit the right notes by pleasing everyone for a portion of the evening, all the separate groups can be represented, and with the help of your Vancouver DJ, can be put in an order that keeps everyone dancing all night long. Throw in a little swing music, some early rock, classic rock, and eventually jam out at the end of the night with whatever the late night partiers want to hear – we promise, everyone will be lacing up their boogie shoes!  Have your guests fill out a section on their invitation along the lines of “You’ll find me on the dance floor the second I hear _____ by _____” and there will be no guessing game for you or your Vancouver DJ to have to figure out.

Bad Transitions Between Genreswedding-vancouver-dj-mistakes-to-avoid

Along the same lines as picking a portion of the night to sing out to separate parties at your party, there has to be a smooth transition between it all. The responsibility is yours to pick the perfect Vancouver DJs that are able to read the crowd. Request examples of their sessions (chances are they’ve got a plethora of recorded parties they’re particularly proud of), so that a sweet, slow dance doesn’t come to a screeching halt. Make sure that when you’re listening to these samples that you can continue the same sort of feeling between a few songs, and that the flow from a chart topping pop song doesn’t go straight to acoustic, straight to mo-town boogie. Pick Vancouver DJs that can appreciate the art of a set list that flows.