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Microphone Rentals

Rental Policy

  • Photo ID required.
  • Credit card deposit required.
  • Payment due on pickup.
  • No account Privileges unless already arranged.
  • Rentals due back before 12:00pm.
  • Ask your rep if you wish to return later in the day.
  • Late rentals are subject to late fees.
  • All spare bulbs must be returned, even if used.
  • No transportation in open vehicles.
  • Equipment used outside must be covered, no exceptions.
  • *Prices subject to change without notice.
shure sm58 microphone

Shure SM58 Microphone

shure sm57 microphone

Shure SM57 Microphone

shure beta 58a microphone

Shure Beta 58 Microphone

akg c1000s microphone

AKG C1000 Microphone

ultra d120 di box

D120 DI Box

Drum Mic Kit

MIC Drum KitK,S,T,T,O,O

Shure Lavelier Microphone

Shure Lavalier Microphone

sennheiser e35 wireless microphone

Sennheiser E35 Wireless Microphone

Conference Microphone

Conference Microphone

Room Microphone

Room Microphone