Is Hiring A Professional Vancouver DJ Better Than An App?

by / Wednesday, 03 February 2016 / Published in Uncategorized

professional-vancouver-dj-ipodIf you are considering using a music app for your big celebration, think again.  If you’ve had a bad DJ in the past and are hesitant about hiring another, it’s important to remember that there are Vancouver professional DJ ‘s out there who determined to make your event happy, memorable and cheerful. If you’ve got a list of budgetary restrictions keeping you from considering a Vancouver professional DJ, it’s time to do a cost-benefit analysis and ask yourself a few questions before making your final decision.

Will An App Entertain Like A Professional Vancouver DJ?professional-vancouver-dj

 Obviously we’re biased, but let’s be honest here. An app is incapable of entertaining your big events like a professional Vancouver DJ does! Your app won’t get the crowd’s full attention, or dance to the groove of the event smoothly and happily. At wedding receptions, your professional Vancouver DJ proudly introduces the bridal party, the couple’s romantic first dance, instruct tables to the dining lines, or prepare all the sassy single ladies for that exciting bouquet toss. Using an app over a professional Vancouver DJ leaves you responsible for communicating all those special announcements rather than being able to sit back and enjoy the memorable celebrations. If you’re looking for reduced stress the day of that big event (get it where you can!), a professional Vancouver DJ can help. 

What Equipment Does The App Lack?

If you thought all you’d need is your phone or music player, think again! Small portable speakers just won’t cut it. When you hire a professional Vancouver DJ, they bring all their own technologically majestic, top notch audio equipment. Complete with booming speakers, their own DJ controller, and one, if not multiple, microphones and more. Using an app might be free, but that comes at the cost of having to find your own equipment too. Your Vancouver DJ doesn’t leave you to your own devices, they commandeer their own equipment, take it to the venue and set it up with a thorough sound check before the show. Afterwards, they tear it all down and take it home, while you enjoy the rest of your night. An added bonus: you can give your professional Vancouver DJ a wink and a nudge not to give the mic to any family members who have had one too many drinks, without any awkward family drama!

Can You Afford Not To Hire Professional Vancouver DJ?professonal-vancouver-dj-mic

One sacrifice you don’t want to make is quality when it comes to big events.  When you’re looking at your budget, it’s important to take priorities like this into thoughtful consideration. Professional Vancouver DJ costs are worth their cost because of the quality service they provide. Let’s give you some perspective. If a professional Vancouver DJ is about the same cost as table runners, for instance, it’s important to consider which is going to give your more bang for your buck.  A better questions is can you really afford not to hire a professional Vancouver DJ and miss out on the quality entertainment?