Vancouver Fashion Show Production Setups 101

by / Tuesday, 15 December 2015 / Published in Uncategorized

model-runway-fashion-showThe planning stages of stage productions are almost as thrilling as the final event. You want a dramatic show that’s as captivating as it is chic, and every detail is just so to make it that way. If you’re focused on putting together an exceptional Vancouver fashion show, production setups should be at the very top of your to-do list.  Here are some tips to make sure that the whole runway show is nothing short of extraordinary.


avant-garde-modelFashion Show Faux Pas

We’re not talking about pairing socks with sandals, or v-necks that plunge far too deep. The biggest mistake you can make when planning your fashion show is not giving your production setup enough attention. If you’re new to this experience, make a phenomenal debut by hiring a professional Vancouver fashion show production setups team. If you’re a seasoned designer, amp up your next show and hire a professional Vancouver fashion show production setups team. The best way to make sure all eyes are on the designs is to eliminate the distraction of a sub-par stage. Give your runway models a stage to remember, and present your audience with a background that is purely just a background. Reel everyone in with mesmerizing lights, unique runway platforms and if you’re going for something dark and mysterious, play it up with fog.

It’s All About The Details

Lights, camera, action: three essential details to having everything picture perfect. If it’s not becoming the vision you planned, it’s time to call in the big wigs (bigger than the ones hair and makeup are styling) that know how to put the stage details to work for you.

No job is too detailed. Consider the ambiance of the room a blank canvas for you to work with. It is just as much a part of the show as the clothes you’re showcasing. So dream big, and add as many minor – or major! – decorative features as your heart desires. If you’re looking for something loud and vivid, it’s just as possible as something sleek and minimal. Your Vancouver fashion show production setups are made to be just as unique as your style sense. Your job is to make sure every stitch is in tact and not a hair is out of place, your production crew’s job is to make your details shine, shimmer and sashay down that runway. Let your creativity shine on the models, and we’ll put our handy production talents to work for you.

Structural Feelingsspotlight-production-setups

Your Vancouver fashion show production setups are built with the models in mind, too. Yes, The sky (or the ceiling, rather) is the limit, and your design can be brought to life with the right equipment to give your models the confidence they need to succeed. The best runway walks separate good models from flawless models, and a sturdy foundation can help get them there. Ease all of their backstage woes by giving them proper grounds, mood lighting, crisp sound and dazzling scenery for an unforgettable fashion show.