Vancouver Wedding DJ – Your Secret Weapon

by / Friday, 20 November 2015 / Published in Uncategorized

Vancouver-WeddingYou’ve spent countless hours planning every tiny detail of the event. As you should, this is going to be one of the most memorable nights of your life. Beyond being a celebration of your love, you want your wedding to be memorable for everyone attending. Scratch that; you want your wedding to be unforgettable for everyone who is attending. You want to wow them with the compassion of your love for one another and your ability to throw a great party, and there’s a lot of stress riding on that.

You’ve probably witnessed a wedding where everything went wrong. Maybe the Vancouver weather took center stage, or maybe nobody seemed to be having a good time; that is not going to be your wedding. That is not going to be your wedding because you have a secret weapon; a phenomenal wedding DJ.

Mixed Music

Wedding-Dj-VancouverIf you’ve got a generational gap in your guest list, you’re going to have a difficult time finding one genre of music for everyone to get up and jive to. Apart from having an exciting personality, a DJ can liven up your crowd with a custom mix that gets everyone out of their seats. Any experienced DJ can read the crowd, and if the music isn’t mixing well, it can change with the press of a button. With a wide variety of music literally at his or her fingertips, everyone can boogie.

Public Speech Professionals

Although a DJ can’t keep any of your guests from bringing up embarrassing stories during their speeches, they definitely make announcements go much, much smoother. A standard part of their job is being a lively and lovely emcee, ready to guide the group through the day or make any special announcements you might require. With high quality sound equipment, everyone in the audience will be able to hear everything with clarity. Additionally, a DJ can seamlessly make these announcements with flawless transitions into and out of the music without any awkward pauses.

No Breaks

wedding-dance-djImagine everyone on the dance floor (even the teenagers who are too cool for school), singing to the music, dancing and smiling, everyone is having a blast. The song ends and the music stops – The band needs a bathroom break, and unfortunately for everyone on the dance floor, the momentum is lost. Generally speaking bands need a break every hour. Putting your family and friends through the awkward silence for so long can really put a damper on the evening.

Now imagine the same scenario with a DJ; even when he or she needs a break, the music doesn’t skip a beat. Your guests will remember shaking and shimmying the night away, and you can rest assured everyone will remember your special night.


If you’re ready to entertain your guests and give everyone an unforgettable night, it’s time to find the perfect wedding DJ in Vancouver. Our team of experienced, talented and lively DJ’s are ready to entertain and rock the night away! Contact us today to get started.