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So you’re planning your next event. Whether you want something flashy, refined, or luxurious, you know you’re going to have to invest in the proper equipment to put on the perfect show. While you may have similar events in the future, purchasing audio equipment, lighting equipment and other tech-related gadgets can get extremely costly for potential one-time events. Rentals are a great way to bring phenomenal features to your next event, without the worry or cost of expensive purchases the budget just doesn’t allow! Here are a few reasons why you can rely on our rentals to make memories at your next event or gathering.

Vancouver Speaker Rentals

No matter the gathering, chances are you’re going to be relying on audio for something. Be it background melodies, thoughtful, heartfelt speeches, or classy concerts, having the right speaker rentals can work their magic with the crowd. A lot of the night can depend on hearing everything with clarity, and a shotty speaker can ruin all the fun. Have you ever heard a band, and they just sounded better live? Chances are they had the best speakers at their leisure; rentals are your next best alternative.  Having high-tech speakers, subwoofers and PA rentals brings music to your guests ears, literally!

Projector & Screen Rentals

Rather than hanging a sheet on the wall, consider projector and screen rentals for you and your guests’ viewing pleasure. If it’s a business gathering, projector & screen rentals can be of great use for powerpoints, slideshows, video presentations and all of those so visually inclined. With crisp visuals on large screen rentals, you can rely on your projector to visually set the scene you’d been hoping for.

DJ Gear Rentals

Have you ever been to a wedding with a DJ, marveling over all the blinking lights, turn dials, knobs and buttons? You can try your hand at spinning and scratching yourself with DJ gear rentals! Picture yourself mixing up new beats at your company party, or playing those dreamy tunes from yesteryear. Adding DJ Gear rentals to your next party or dance is a lot of fun for everyone, and gives you the chance to finally use your secret DJ name (we’ve all been waiting for that moment!).

Dance Floor Rentals

Inviting guests to get down and boogie? Dance floor rentals are perfect for that. With lighted flooring, the stage sets the scene for an exciting, fun-filled night that brings even the most shy guests out to party. Find a dance floor rentals to fit any space and bring the crowd into the swing of the night.

If you’re ready for the best event of your lifetime, it’s time to consider rentals for all of your event needs. With the sights, sounds and service that rentals provide, you won’t have to worry about malfunctioning equipment or being a sub-par host. Rentals are your secret to hosting the perfect night of fun without the worry or stress of having to make extensive purchases for a few hours at a time!

Post by Kelsey Burns