PK Sound Klarity K12p Speaker


Product Description

The PK Sound Klarity K12p speaker is a high-performance multipurpose loudspeaker. It has an integral, high-efficiency Class D amplifier. Its versatile, multi-faceted profile makes it useful in a range of applications.  From a main loudspeaker to a distributed solution for larger applications to a floor monitor for live stages. The K12p Speaker is great as a stand-alone unit.  It has 4 user selectable DSP options. Thit unit achieves additional low-frequency extension and higher SPLs when paired with either a K18 or K218 subwoofer.

The K12p is flown easily or can be mounted to a speaker stand. A rotatable 90 x 60-degree constant directivity horn ensures even predictable coverage across the entire listening area with the additional flexibility of a rotatable design. The extremely rugged, void-free Baltic birch cabinet is finished with an impact resistant, tour-grade EXL polyurea coating. The recessed amplifier cavity ensures that both signal and power connectors are protected during operation.

PK Sound Klarity K12p Speaker Amplification

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