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From bedtime stories, to musical groups, to Hollywood feature films, “the rule of three” (Latin- “omne trium perfectum”) principle hints that forms of three are, at heart, more satisfying and effective than any other number of things. We could list the best things that comes in three, but we’d rather focus on our favourite of them all. When it comes to the rule of three, Galactic event production literally sets the stage for phenomenal events. Let’s break it down into the trio of components that make Galactic event production setup absolute perfection.

The Opener: Event Staging Setup

Think back to all the visually stimulating events you’ve witnessed; conferences, trade shows, general sessions, investor meetings, corporate theatre productions, exhibits, displays and political events. Before you heard the show or saw the entertainment, the atmosphere of the night was intentional, and event staging setup made sure of it. Whether you’re going for casual, or professional, or dazzling and enchanting, having the right event staging setup pulls together the feel of the event to get guests into the right swing from the get go. Galactic event production can create a dynamic backdrop, central seating, unique décor and stage placement to draw attention to the right places. Build around your imagination to give your audience the focus for the main event. 

Feature Act: Event Lighting Setup

Event lighting setup takes center stage of the Galactic event production features trio. Giving your event an entertaining spotlight to capture audiences of all shapes and sizes, the lighting of the show is vital to an unforgettable night that keeps your audience at the edge of their seats. While keeping the focus on the speakers, dynamic lighting can be adjusted to fit the focus in the spotlight. With the right planning, event lighting setup can be the most exciting special effect Galactic production setups offers – have it sweep across the backdrop or capture the emotion of a show with a subtle dim, or amp the excitement with quick halts on the speaker. It all depends on the show, and the mood, but the visuals here are key.

The Grand Finale: Event Sound Setup

With event lighting setup and event staging setup, there is only one step left to pull off the perfect event setup triad – crystal clear event sound setup. You know the saying, “it isn’t over until the fat lady sings”? Well what good is her singing if you can’t hear her? Music to your ears translates to bringing music (or whatever the presentation on center stage may be) to your audience’s ears, and making sure there is high-definition clarity. Your Vancouver production setups experts will eliminate your worry of pitfalls like feedback, muffled sounds, and bright reverb returns on vocals; all things that distract your guests from the main event you’ve been working so hard to put together. Don’t mess around like a clown, take your event sound setup seriously because it can make or break the entire show!

Post by: Kelsey Burns